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On this website we provide chefs and would-be chefs with all the advice they need. If you’re looking for information on any of the following please search through our site or get in touch:

In the opinions of many, society has gone ‘very wrong’ in the way it consumes food.

A renowned scientist and global development expert, is on a goal to promote what he believes is a better alternative to the standard global ‘industrial’ food production method, which he considers ‘bankrupt’.

He’s a leading believer in agroecology, a holistic farming model which is governed by organic principles, where food is made by small family farms using environmentally friendly methods which nourish soils for later generations.

The professor originally from the Switzerland, co-chaired the International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, a two-year project which involved more than 300 experts from across the globe.

Its 2008 report demanded a radical change in the way the world creates food to ‘better serve the poor and hungry’. It asked for a shift away from the ‘focus on production alone’ and a bigger emphasis on methods which preserve natural resources, supplemented by trade and subsidy reforms and investment in academia, education and training.

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